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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

..oh? is it snowing again? harumph...

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well, not anymore (for now), but who knows what's to come

hey, when did you become an anarchist? and a raggedy one at that :) -- how's the music biz coming along?

meh -- i've always been a bit damn-the-man... Raggedy Anarchist... hmmm... i dunno. i just thought it sounded really cute.

the music biz has picked up a little. i was really depressed about my bassist and all, but then some good things happened and i'm back to as determined as ever -- even if it means going (ugh) solo.

so how's stuff by you -- i mean... besides the snow? :)

stuff by me is ... up and down--one day's ok and the next is the shits -- been working with photos mostly, occasionally get one i'm ok with -- also doing some wood carving and getting matls together for some more jewelry work

little here little there -- seem to be lacking a real drive the last couple of months -- thinking some time away from here would be good...

hah -- yeh, always. time away is a good thing.

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