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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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irrational logic...

i had an appointment with my head doc yesterday--he changed my prescription but i have 2 days of old meds left which i will use before switching...

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changed from/to?

mine wants to take me off neurontin and put me on something else (i'm gonna try to have it not be lithium cuz i'm scared)... but, when she said this, I had half a bottle of my neurontin left, or something near that. so, i've put off making another appointment a short bit, and will get my bloodtests today (put it off a week) because, well, I PAID FOR THESE, I'M SURE AS HELL GOING TO USE THEM!!!!!!

okay, you know :-)

11 days worth, actually

i had experience with lithium some time ago--i did not like it--seemed to make me lethargic, no ambition, didn't feel like doing anything--certainly not what i wanted--i'd been taking it as a supplement to another drug which i've forgotten; i stopped the lith 'cause i felt it was nasty--so doc and i tried various other Rx, the trial and error method--i've been taking effexor for a while now, with slowly increasing dosage (that was the recent change; i think i may be reaching the upper limit:)--in conjunction with this, i take a CNS stimulant to help with focus...

that's my tale, but not advice for you--you need to work with your doc and just trial-and-error-it till things get better--drug therapy is not an instant cure (in my experience)

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