Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..i leave for a dental checkup in an hour--perhaps a full set of x-rays will stir up the brainal pathways and get some things brewing--if that brings no results, i thought about chopping some firewood but with the snow and ice on the ground, i'd probably slip, slide and chop off a foot or some other important body part--i briefly considered taking my camera with me to the drill-guy and photoing some of his antics but discarded that idea also, for fear of upseting the guy with sharp implements in my mouth

i think i'll go pig out on some chocolate for the next 45 mins (leaving about 10 mins to thoroughly brush and floss); that way, if drill-man finds anything amiss and recommends cutting back on sugar i can say, of course, and mean it :) -- in the meantime, maybe the sugar rush will jar some synapses...

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