Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..as i was tramping out to the compost bin with the day's veggie scraps, i thought how nice it is to have the winter's accumulation of dog turds safely tucked beneath a white blanket and the fresh deposits standing out in strong contrast thereby rendering the liklihood of foot/turd encounters to be quite slim

and this thought was one of the brighter spots of my day--now, how shitty is that?

have i sunk to the depths of corruption such that my creativity is remarking on turds on or beneath the snow

i've hit a lull--no, lull sounds too calm--i've been repeatedly crashing into one wall after another

beginnings with no endings and the beginnings relegated to the trash can

so, ok, i could sit around and read or surf the web or vegge with a video--but i can't--i get too fidgity--i want to go out and bark with the dogs...
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