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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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body parts all tingling...

..but the 10 or so inches have been removed from the car and driveway and various walkways--hooray fer me!--an ambitious young man came tapping at my door, shovel in hand, wanting to know if...----i was tempted, yup i was, but then thought "exercise" -- that will be your day's exercise and lo, it was

my fingers seem to vibrate on the keys--did i really use my fingers in shoveling? perhaps so--or maybe they're saying "it's a good day to write"--i don't know...out gripping the shovel (it had no husk, i might add) i thought what a poor excuse for a camera it was--and that when finished with the snowshovelin' i would immediately switch to the camera...

..maybe in a while...

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You showed that snow a thing or two!


lifes a bitch so is people givin a shit

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