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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

3 views of a troll i carved a year or 2 ago

i took the pix when i was in new haven a bit ago--the troll moved there without leaving any pix behind here in nj

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woohoo! that is so freaking groovy. but a little scary....the mouth, anyway, it looks like it might eat you.

nah! he's harmless -- just having a good belly laugh for himself ;)

oh, well, that's all right, then. =p

thanks! that is really cool, if a bit disturbing (I mean if you weren't expecting to encounter something like that in your garden stroll).

yeah, big he could be a bit daunting but this guy's only about 4 or 5 inches high

Hey thats really neat. It reminds me of something out of this gnome book we use to have at our library in public school. I think its a pretty famous book from the seventies. It describes the lives of gnomes and all the other magical critters that inhabit the forest.

Let me see if I can find a link


thanks and thanks for the link, i am familiar with the book

that's very cool. you are quite talented sir. :)

oh -- wow! that's incredible! i love it!

hahahaha... lookit his teeth!

thanks...i hated to part with him but sometimes ya just gotta let go :)

that's.. um... way interesting. honestly.

i'm noticing i'm not on your friends list. may i ask you why? did i take too much of your time? *still smiles*

thanks for the comment

hmmm...i thought sure you were on my fl -- well, you are now ;)

man - your hands must be awesome

For carving that is *grin*

That is a pretty cool carving. I used to whittle wood to keep my hands busy when I was a teenager but my cavings look like roadkill *grin* - nothing as elaborate. Bravo!

Re: man - your hands must be awesome

thank you (and welcome back)

my hands have served me well over the years :)

Re: man - your hands must be awesome

And served OTHERS well...


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