Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

it seems as if my mental motor has been filled with very heavy oil (10w10?) or maybe it's bearing grease, perhaps even tar--my environment came (is coming) into slow soft focus this morning--the coffee is thicker (maybe 'cause it's leftover from last night, gaaahaaag) and it sits in my mouth for what seems like a long time before creeping down my throat--i think today is running at half speed; no that's not right, i'm at half speed--i had a bowl of fresh and dried fruit and yogurt which seemed to take a very long time to eat, i can still feel my teeth slowly sinking into apple pieces, the yogurt, deliciously soft and smooth and cool, the dry oats clumped together for safety--breakfast was a slo-mo adventure taking place in my mouth and my tongue was happy...
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