Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


..on electronic eqpt--the kind that doesn't work--in particular my fucking lexmark x73: "scans, copies, prints...even does laundry"--came with the new puter a few months ago--seemed like a good idea; one piece of hdwe taking up space instead of 2--but i don't think the color print quality was ever up to my elderly epson 880, and now the fucker won't print color...

..i thought, hmmmm, maybe it wasn't a good idea to refill the ink; maybe, just maybe old lex has a secret built in detector that says, "beep, beep, this is not an official pay-up-the-ass lex cart; do not print"--so i went and paid up the ass for a new cart--still no color--fuck!

well, i'm back using my good ol' epson with which i am well pleased

but i still have to hassle with lex and friends...grrr -- maybe i'll do that tomorrow, or next month...
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