Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..i was hustling my way up and down the aisles of the local grocer not too long ago, hunting for the peanut butter and jam, which, as long as i could remember, was always at the end of the bread aisle -- made sense; pb & j sandwiches, right? -- several minutes of fruitless search lead me to a manager type who took me to the pb & j in the aisle with pickles, relish, mustard, olives and so on -- being a bit pissed and frustrated at that point, i wanted to know what the possible relationship could be and how come pb & j were no longer in the bread aisle where they belonged -- we wanted to keep the products with glass containers in the same aisle, he said -- wtf? -- this in light of the fact that most, if not all, of the pb was in plastic containers, but i guess it wouldn't make any sense to move the j and not the pb, sooo the logic is there, sorta, following from their premise that all glass containers should be together (this aside from the fact that countless other foods such as tomato sauce, juices and sparkling cider were scattered throughout the store) -- i didn't point out the inconsistancies, 'cause after all, why would he care; it's policy as jn is fond of saying and ya can't argue with policy -- i don't know why this experience popped into my mind this morning -- perhaps it had something to do with reading in the paper of the premises and logical steps on the road to war -- i still don't know why the glass containers should be grouped together, i just have to accept it as policy and get used to it; and really, few if any people will die because the pb & j were relocated based on what would seem to be a faulty premise and inconsistances...
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