Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

so it's a sunny saturday morn (if only 7deg f)--i'm ready for the fates to lead me on some interesting path--it's not like i'm bored, i just can't figure out what to do--yesterday afternoon i resurrected a wood sculpture (begun about a year or so ago); did some cutting on it but i'm not sure if i should continue...maybe i should picture it first, before the shape is any more defined--i'd like to get some pix of the coastal dunes in winter but, hell, that's over 100 miles round trip and besides in this cold, i just know my lens would freeze and crack! or i'd get frostbite and be unable to depress the shutter button; so going to nj shore is a definite write off--same for hiking in the woods closer to home--it's so damn winter here!

maybe it'd be a good day for the mundane, the "i don't have to think about it" jobs: dust the top shelves on the bookcases, clean and wax the kitchen floor, perhaps even scrub out the toilet--see how blocked i am? damn...where's the cleanser?
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