Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

just dropped 60 bucks on ink cartridges--piss and moan!--time to start buying ink on line--another 20 bucks for dog food--now, that's not too bad--5 a week--got a couple of videos from the library while i was out--i like their rental fee; can't beat free (as long as i get 'em back on time)--also took some pix at an old mill a few miles out--may post 'em later--nice sky today--wish it were a bit warmer, i feel like a good bike ride today--ohh springtime, where are you? not to be rushing the seasons or anything...i think i want to dig in the dirt...but it's frozen--maybe i would like a greenhouse? nah, i think i'd rather have a sports car--i think, also, my mind is freewheeling--i'm going to make some fresh coffee, turn on some sounds and become a vegetable for a while, perhaps a rutabaga, or a carrot...
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