Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

saturday, saturday where do you go...

..i've been niggling around all morning--home depot, library, 'puter stores (how come none of the local stores sell ink jet ink by the pint or quart??), etc...while this nice day passes on by

spent some time replacing fence posts to keep the wonder dog from battering her way to freedom--she's developed this 55 lb cannonball approach to demolishing fencing that keeps her from her hearts desire (not a sex interest here; she wants, with a passion, to get at a certain cat and a few squirrels that sit and stare at her from the next yard, while figuratively flipping her the bird)

think while the midday high temp (above freezing, anyway) is still around i will go see about some "engineering changes" to the current trike project--it's coming along :)
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