Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

strange things happen sometimes...

last sunday's snow prompted jn and m to go out and play; this grouping of snow critters resulted:
snowman and friends
so, yeah, i know, we've all seen loads of snowfolk and most look pretty much alike
but here's the strange thing:
the snowfolk began to morph, as they usually do; this is what we found this morning
snow dog
now, peanut the wonder dog spent a lot of time outside after dark, last night--also, while the snowfolk were under construction, peanut joyously got into the act, biting at, pouncing at and scratching at the developing folk--so, in light of the apparent snow dog on display this morn, the question arises: did this morph take place solely due to chance and rising temps, or did peanut attempt a selfportrait in snow??

of course...we'll never know ;)
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